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Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings 9-42

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Onehundredll - $10.00

A set of new in the package Super Slinky strings from Ernie Ball.  It’s for the purposes of a test auction.

Custom Gauge, Nickel Wound set, 9, 11, 16, 24, 32, & 42.  I’m going to add a photo (this is repeated in the gallery below, but under a normal auction it would be a space between paragraphs and generally not repeated).

Made in the USA with that legendary slinky feel.  See for more info (I did not make that a link).  Again, this is a test auction, and I’ll delete it as though it never existed after some succesful test runs. Another picture added below, of the backside.  Again, in an auction for a guitar this would serve as a body photo, with a much larger gallery below.


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    Cleveland, OH

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Winning Bid: $10.00

Item condition: Used

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