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This space is devoted to sharing discoveries of guitar listings.  They’re typically classifieds from the usual places or auctions at the big boys of ebay and Reverb. 

What makes them worthy of sharing?  Good question.  If we find them interesting, unique, a good deal, or just something that we feel is special for whatever reason.  Please comment with your thoughts (price, authenticity, value…it’s all fair game).

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Find: 1986 Martin D-16K

This Martin D-16 Dreadnought in Koa back & sides with a Spruce top features a K&K Mini passive pickup and oval Waverly tuners.

Finds: 1995 Gretsch G6121 Chet Atkins Roundup

This Gretsch from Japan is a reissue of the Chet Atkins solid body. A single cut of Western Maple Stain top and Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard, the guitar stands proud with the branded G. Let’s not forget the Bigsby.

Find: 1989 Fender Telecaster, Japan Standard

This MIJ Standard Tele from 1989 looks exceptionally clean in its new butterscotch blonde & white pickguard. The mid to late ’80’s is an exceedingly confusing time for Fender guitars, but this one seems to check out as a Standard (nee Special Series) which was Japanese then Korean then back to Japan.

Find: 1964 Fender Princeton

This Fender Princeton from 1964 is the more difficult to find non-reverb model. 4 knobs on the face of this iconic 12W vintage tube amplifier from the Fender Electrical Instrument Company!

Find: 2006 Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Player

This Mexican Strat from 2006 features gold hardware and noiseless pickups, in stock configuration according to the seller. A 60th Anniversary button adorns the headstock, as it does on all models of the year…but is it an anniversary model?

†  Great deals usually don’t last, so while this archive will provide links, expect them to go stale quickly.  We have zero financial interest in any of these shares, and are never paid to promote any listing.  We are simply helping discover cool stuff, hoping to drive a buyer from our community to consider them.

Additional guidelines for our Finds here at triple D:

  • Looking for items ~10 or more years old.
  • Nothing excessively expensive.  We won’t feature one hundred thousand dollar Dumbles or ’59 Les Pauls.
  • The key is interesting, unique, good value, classic, cool, iconic, specials, etc….kind of things we want to buy if only we could buy it all.
  • Things that will stir a conversation and be appreciated by our community, and hopefully be purchased by someone in our community of visitors.